+ How should I prepare my dawg for a run?

We will text or call you when we are on our way to your location. Do not feed your dawg one hour before they are going to work out, and let them relieve themselves right after we contact you.

+ What are your service areas and hours of operation?

Our hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 am-5:30 pm and Saturdays 7:00 am-6:00 pm. Our areas that we service are Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin NV

+ How long are the run sessions?

Each session is a personalized 30 minutes run tailored to your dawg’s needs

+ How often should I run my dawg?

Most folks will schedule a run one time a week, and usually at the same time.  It will help your dog mentally and physically, and they will learn the time when they will be working out. Because you know the best for your dog, it is best to observe how they react to regular exercise and book accordingly.

+ What can I expect DURING my RUN DAWG run session?

Safety and positivity! We work hard to give your dog the best workout they can have, and each day is different for them. We customize the run to their needs. We supervise their movements and encourage them to move the treadmill on their own during the whole session.  We stop the dog for breaks and water as needed, and even if they want to continually run we still stop them at regular intervals to do a safety and health check. Remember that on our equipment there is NO MOTOR, and your dog does all the work. NOTHING is forced to make them walk or run. We are there the whole time to ensure a safe and fun run, and give plenty of positive reinforcement. For the first three sessions we recommend you supply us with  some of your dog’s favorite treats and their favorite toy.

+ How long does it take them to learn the treadmill?

For most dogs, the learning time frame is about 5 minutes for us to train them how to balance and walk on the equipment. After they initially learn that the movement will not hurt them, their confidence grows and they start to walk on their own. Our runs are fully supervised for safety. There are NO MOTORS, so the dogs walk or run at their own speed. Our coach watches their movements and makes sure it is a safe and positive experience. Every dog is different, so it may take a couple sessions to really get them going. Eventually, almost every dog will gain a good pace and get confident running.

+ How long until dog runs at full speed?

Each dog is different! Some get it right away within minutes and others need a few sessions to build confidence in themselves. Your dog will get a great workout even if they are not running full speed. Even at a slow walk, they are focusing, balancing, and incline climbing for the entire run. Their mind, core and leg muscles are working even at a slow walk. Walking on our treadmills is not the same as you walking your dog. Your dog is concentrating about every step they take. To do that they are flexing all the muscles in their body. It is both physical and mental, and the result is a tired doggy!

+ Do I need to be home?

We encourage the first session to be together so everyone can meet you. Your dog will feel less afraid if you are there to give them some affirmation until they are more used to the van and the treadmill (and us!) After that, you are welcome to leave them with us and go enjoy youreslf.

+ How is payment handled?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, Venmo and Zelle

+ What are the requirements?

We ask that you clear physical activity with your veterinarian. Your dog needs to be at least 4 months old and be up to date on all vaccinations. We can accommodate anywhere from 2 lbs – 150 lbs. Please let us know your dog’s needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 24 hour prior to the session there is $25 fee. If a session is cancelled within 1 hour of the session you are responsible for the full amount $45.